I love working with dancers for custom costumes!  It really is a lot of fun! Please come and check out the rest of this costume at my website:

Playing holiday catch-up

Hey everyone, this top was made with McCall's M7094.  It is entirely grey and black chiffon, made with the intent of a tank worn under it.  The interfacing under the black chiffon makes it more grey.  If you want to see more info, you can check it out at my website:

Inside Out Apron!

Hello Everyone come and check out my newest apron and the tutorial I used!

My Red Polka-Dot Pants!

Hello everyone!  I just finished another peice to my wardorbe!  Come and check out more information about these pants HERE!

Warmest Winter Jacket Ever!!!

I just made my first winter coat ever!  I AM IN LOVE!! It goes all the way down past my knees.  Come and see how it was made.  (I linned it with super thick winter fleece). CLICK HERE!

Purple Flower Power Dress

Hello!  Come and check out the details of my newest dress for my sister.